1. conversation with the client and briefing;
2. analysis of the audience and its expectations;
3. develop a unique idea - style, colors, presentation;
4. implement it with the help of graphic programs - logo and corporate identity elements;
5. adapt to different media and platforms - from the design of social networks to printed media and landing;
6. Present the project to the client and justify your decisions.
For more than 15 years I have been working full-time in the field of design. Went from a full-time shareholder. I am constantly in the flow of self-development and professional growth, developing holistically in my profession.

I can convey information through design so that, thanks to visual perception, the consumer understands the idea and my client grows in the market, and understanding business processes allows me to quickly and accurately plan work and achieve the desired result.

Besides work, I am also a speaker on the public domain topic of digital marketing and the author of 4 design courses. 750+ students have been trained and mentored by me. I run a design blog with over 6.8K followers.
I put the concept of "brand development" in the broadest possible sense:
I consider my main advantage to be the ability to work with people.
I have organized a whole community of designers whom I manage to unite and inspire. After all, it is important for beginner designers to surround themselves with more experienced professionals in order to grow faster. And for experienced designers - to improve and eliminate gaps in their knowledge.

My community is a community where everyone can realize themselves professionally and personally through helping others.
If you have such a desire, write to me, I will be happy to help you and share my experience in design.

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