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Antey Group
ANTEY is one of the largest Russian companies for the extraction and processing of crab and fish. I designed logos for her two subsidiaries.
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One of the company's activities is snow crab fishing in the Barents Sea, so when developing the Sigrand logo, I made a reference to the northern theme in the main symbol, taking the silhouette of an iceberg as a basis.
Since the fishery is associated with crab, in addition to the main dark blue color, which symbolizes the color of the deep sea, I suggested including orange in the color scheme. The final version still settled on a monochrome blue-blue scale.
The company is developing new areas of activity related to "green" non-waste production. We are talking about the production of biotechnological products from crab, kelp and other seafood.

The logo is based on the chitin molecule - main component in production. The element is open like a crab's claw, which symbolically holds one of the signs of the molecule's outline.
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