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Board game BOOOM
Booom is a board game consisting of 80 colorful cards with author's illustrations on each of them. The theme of the game is the sea city of Vladivostok in the Far East of Russia and everything that is closely connected with it.
Idea and concept development · Typeset · Print control · Promotion
This is a partnership project, where I am not only a designer, but also a co-author of the idea - we wanted to please the residents of the city and introduce Vladivostok to its guests.
As a designer, I did the layout of cards and boxes, controlled the quality of workmanship in the printing house; developed a website, designed pages on social networks so that as many people as possible could learn about the game.

I also took on some of the marketing, promotion and financing of this project. Project partner - illustrator, drew 60 unique images with the symbols of the city and was directly involved in its sale.
Symbols of the city recognizable by every inhabitant, which formed the basis of the idea of the project.
I developed a website in the landing format on the Tilda platform. On it you can find a description of the course of the game and the form of payment.

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The game Booom is very fond of the locals and is now successfully sold in shops and museums in the city.
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