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Branding for own product line
REMI - retail chain is the leader among retail chains in the Russian Far East. These are 60 stores in 18 cities of Primorye, Khabarovsk Territory and Sakhalin Region (Russia).

Retail has its own production of baked goods and frozen products. Bakeries produce bakery products using a special author's technology, and frozen semi-finished products are molded by hand according to classic homemade recipes. ⠀
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I was faced with the task of developing a single recognizable style for the direction - my own production of baked goods and frozen semi-finished products.

The pattern was based on a pattern with the symbolism of the direction and the main company logo, as a reminder that the bakery belongs to a certain brand. The font emblem serves as the logo of the bakery.

The project is aimed at a wide audience. And the wider the audience, the simpler the visual.

Thanks to the main color - white, as it symbolizes simplicity and openness, a simple and concise image has developed to attract attention and build confidence among customers. In addition to white, I used washed vintage colors.

As a result, as part of the brand book, I developed: logo, pattern, price tag highlighter, shelf talker, posters, navigation, signs, labels and packaging for bakery products.

For the production of frozen semi-finished products, I also used the symbolism of the direction in the form of snowflakes and the main company logo. I added blue to the main colors to convey the atmosphere of the direction.
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